Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Greenhouse Shelving System

Our New Shelves Are Up!!  

Over the last two or three years I have been experimenting with this fun little Greenhouse that I got from my uncle.  Originally built as a chicken tractor for his pasture, I told him when we finished that it would make a great greenhouse.... and when he gave it to me, that is what I turned it into.  

Its design is simple, basic 2x12 frame with two cattle panels hooped between them and covered with some greenhouse plastic.  Its got some old windows on one end wall, and an old shower door as an entry point on the other.  Its a great space and I love how well it works for getting seedlings going once the weather begins to break. (It isn't heated or anything.)  If its really sunny we open the door in the morning and close it up at night.  It isn't air tight, which is probably for the best.  Like a lot of things around here, it just works. 

But this year, I wanted to take advantage of some great shelving units that I got from a friend who has a retail store.  He was clearing them out after upgrading and I grabbed a few, and now I am hoping there weren't more that I let get way because they are super useful!  

The system couldn't be easier.  Since the shelves are wire, and the cattle panels are wire, I just used an S hook in the back to attach them.  The shelf is then supported by the strength of the arch that is the hoop.  The front side is connected in a similar fashion, with a length of low duty chain hanging from the cattle panel and holding the front of the shelf.  This makes the system very easy to adjust since you just move the S hook on the chain up and down to level the shelf.  

We did something similar in the back using the standard closet shelves sold at Home Depot.  I had a scrap section laying around and used it in the exact same way.  Chains from the panel hold it level and were off and running. 

Wire shelves make the whole system drain friendly, and with this plan in place, I can add and remove shelves as needed, raise and lower their height easily. and never worry about trays being supported.  I think it is going to be a great system!! 

If you are into this sort of thing, this blog is full of information so look around.  There is also more information over at our website which you can view here. There is loads of information about gardening, a whole section on animals and composting, and even some ideas about home remodeling!  Come check it out.  We'll keep posting here on the blog, and do our best to continue to add more content to the website as well.


  1. Love it! Can you tell me what size S hooks you used? I am ordering all the materials we need to do this in our Community Garden Greenhouse.

    1. Oh man I am so sorry I missed this comment! I don't know the actual size off the top of my head and I am sure you already made a decision by now! I just grabbed the size that seemed right when I was at the hardware store. I try and post a reply for anyone else who might have the same question after I look and verify the size.