Tuesday, May 21, 2019

May Garden Update

The Seven Day Difference

We have had some unseasonably cool weather here lately.  A huge wave of moisture has been blasting the north west and were right in the middle of it.  Fortunately I have a significant amount of things planted already in the garden and they have been loving the added moisture.  And, since I have been using deep mulches of wood chips in my walking paths, I have been enjoying the garden space, completely free of mud.  Its a great system. 

For this post I wanted to try and share with everyone just what a difference seven days can make in the garden.  Many of us who have been gardening for years know this sudden boost all to well.  Your transplanted plants have finally started to take root, and they are now fully accessing the amazing soil you have been building..... and then boom!  They just take off.  Its such a fun thing to see.  Here are some pictures taken last Monday on May 13th, followed by the same growing space now, just seven days later. 

These are the results that I get using a no till approach to gardening here in the arid, high deserts of eastern Oregon.  Full disclosure that cool temperatures and steady rain for days have helped spur this growth explosion, but it has been so fun to watch it all unfold.  

I don't grow plants..... or perhaps I should say that my main focus isn't on growing plants, as much as it is on growing healthy, living soil.  These beds, these paths, the mulches I use, the compost that is added, all contribute to the regeneration and building of soil.  The plants just do what they are supposed to.....kinda my own field of dreams I guess.....If you build it (soil), they will come (happy, healthy fruits and veggies!) 

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