Sunday, September 18, 2022

First Time Fall Garden

 I am taking the time to get on here and get this documented as much for me as anyone else who finds this.  I have been gardening for most of my adult life in some form or another, but this year, after at least 20 seasons, I finally planted a fall garden.  I mean a legit, I know the weather is going to break soon and these plants will survive for at least a while fall garden.  Let's run through what I did. 

Step one, just like spring, I got the beds ready.  I don't know if it was necessary or not, but I added fertilizer, loads of compost, and some peat moss here and there where I felt it needed it.  Two benefits I see right away from this activity... It got my compost out of the bins which is great considering the major amount of bio mass that is about the come out of my gardens.  And secondly, this compost will feed the soil life through the winter and hopefully hit the spring season ready to rock.  Which means I might be able to get some plants in the ground really early without needing to do extra soil prep.  

So, what did I plant... well I started about four seedling trays a few weeks ago with lettuce, kale, cabbage, beets, kohlrabi (first time) and some strange radish that's for the seed pods and not the root.  Fingers crossed that wasn't a waste of time.  We had a few casualties due to warm weather and me not being ready to transplant... 100+ probably wouldn't have helped them anyway.  But the weather is finally breaking and we've got some cooler temps in the forecast.  Needless to say, those who made it got transplanted out today.  I also direct sowed today, September 18th, radish, spinach, and cilantro, and will be direct sowing some arugula, more lettuce, and maybe some bok choi if I still have seeds. I can never get that stuff to grow in the spring, so maybe fall is the ticket.  I also attempted to start some carrots a few weeks ago.... a few made it so we'll see how that goes too.  

The theory if you are new to this idea of planting seeds so late, is that frost hardy crops will survive as the weather grows colder and in some cases, taste even better once they have been hit by a frost.  I guess time will tell and I will be sure to update you as things go along.  

Do you fall garden?  What is your favorite plant for this last part of the growing season?  

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